Building an Online Retail Store – Update 1

I decided to avoid the Softaculous Script Installer that comes with my cPanel, and downloaded and installed OpenCart manually from their website instead.

It was a relatively painless experience. First I created a sub-domain for my store, then I installed the files to the FTP location associated with the new sub-domain, created a new database for the store, followed the installation instructions, and that was pretty much it.

Naturally, at the time of making this post, this is just a fresh OpenCart installation. I’ll probably experiment with changing the theme and installing extra extensions first as I familiarise myself with OpenCart. I’ll likely move this over to a new domain once it’s in any kind of fit and usable state, but for now, I have a usable website to write scripts for.

I’ve shortlisted a few domain names, as I’ve already settled on a product range should I ever decide to launch the store. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before even considering that, though. If I ever decide to launch it at all, that is.

For the moment, I’m keeping the store in maintenance mode. Wouldn’t want anyone to think this is an actual live store. The site right now looks identical to this demo from OpenCart’s website. I’ll bring the site back up once I figure out how to disable registration.

Next I’ll create some dummy orders to see how they’re stored in the database orders table, and see how much work will be involved in importing and creating several hundred products from a spreadsheet.

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